A Touch of ZEN massage
Close your eyes...feel your ZEN moment.


A Touch of ZEN helps clients find peace and serenity in their own body and mind through a combination of Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage, and reflexology designed to meet individual needs.

I’m Akira, owner and principal massage therapist at A Touch of ZEN. I have lived in America for 20 years, but I was born and raised in Japan. I grew up experiencing the power of the traditional Chinese herb and healing practices that are common throughout Asia. We believe that healing occurs more rapidly when both the body and mind are soothed, and that many illnesses are caused or worsened by untreated stress. My therapeutic massage methodology is designed to relieve stress, reduce pain, increase flexibility, and enhance overall wellness. Sessions are customized to include a variety of massage techniques based on each client’s specific needs and concerns. 

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